One of the most fascinating and spectacular events of Florence is undoubtedly the Calcio Storico Fiorentino Florentine Historic Soccer.
Many even believe that it is the direct ancestor of modern football. Or rather, it is a cross between soccer and rugby, from the first it takes the ball and the net, from the second takes the muscles and the melee.
The first significant uptake of the sport came about in the mid-400, when the young Florentines who practiced everywhere were invited to move in the main squares so as to not create law and order problems.
Soon after the discipline became the first choice of young Florentine nobles.
The time of year when the matches usually took place was the carnival.
The Calcio Storico then passed a period of neglect by 700 disappearing almost officially. In fact this continued to be practiced in the neighborhoods.
Alessandro Pavolini then decided in 1930 to give new life to this ancient discipline evoking the game that the Florentines quarreled, careless of the siege underway by Charles V. In the game participated:
the Bianchi of Santo Spirito;
the Azzurri of Santa Croce;
the Rossi of Santa Maria Novella;
the Verdi of San Giovanni.
Since that day, the event continued, becoming the most important historical re-enactment of Florence. The San Giovanni tournament Calcio Storico Fiorentino is held in June each year in Piazza Santa Croce. The final will be held on the afternoon of June 24, St. John's Day, the patron of the city.
The aim of the game is to score a hunt (a goal) while if the shot, even after a detour, goes above the opposing net, a score of "middle-hunting" to the opposing team will be assigned.
What will be the prize for the team who will score more goals in 50 minutes? A calf Chianina!!