Celebrate Easter in Florence means to attend one of the most unique and unmissable celebrations. The Explosion of the Cart is indeed a very ancient tradition that has its origins in the history and religiosity of this incredible Tuscan city. The wagon, called "brindellone", is shaped like a tower and is as tall as a small building. The first time was built was in 1622.
The carriage is moved around Florence by two oxen decorated festively with garlands.
At 10 in the morning of Easter Sunday the wagon begins its journey when a priest lights the Easter candle with three flints that Pazzino brought from Jerusalem. The wagon will start his tour that will take him in front of Florence's Cathedral.
Here the focus will be given to the Archbishop that, in turn, beginning the Mass, lights a winged rocket, said "Colombina", which will speed up to the cart again (full of fireworks!!) making it "explode".
According to tradition, if all the fireworks in the cart burn it will be a good year and there will be good harvests.